The Dark Enquiry (Lady Julia Grey Novel)

The Dark Enquiry - Deanna Raybourn Good book - thoroughly enjoyed it. My only quarrel with these stories is how difficult Lady Julia and Brisbane are. BY NOW, I'd think they'd figure out how to establish that Lady Julia wishes to be helpful and useful... and that she has value to offer Brisbane's investigations. And I'd think that Brisbane would realize that, the more he tries to protect her from danger, the more likely she is to get involved. For two people who truly love and adore one another, these two just don't seem to have some of the basics of relationships down - or even in a very workable state.Most of the angst comes from these crossed motives and agendas... so perhaps if that was entirely taken away, there wouldn't be a story here. But the characters are so engaging, and there's just so much possibility for all involved. Plum (Julia's brother), for example, has been a minor character assisting Brisbane with investigations over the past 2 books - quite cleverly, too. I'd love to see him become a more integral part of Brisbane's investigations. I'd love to see multiple mysteries that Brisbane, Plum, and Julia are individually following unite and make use of all their talents. I'd love to have one book where Brisbane isn't overly angry with Julia's attempts to do what she does best. I'd love to see Julia's photography become a larger part of the overall investigations. Again... so much potential.