Charming the Shrew (Berkley Sensation)

Charming the Shrew - Laurin Wittig Pleasantly surprising... this isn't your average 'highlander' romance. Well-written, full of characters with multi-dimensions, this book isn't just about two beautiful people falling madly in lust and love. There's some steam, but it slowly builds from a kiss over time.Catronia is definitely a shrew, with a reputation far and wide as ugly and shriveled -- or is that just her soul? Tayg is the second son who never expected to be the next leader of his clan; now this avowed bachelor is pressured to marry -- and the bard songs lauding his valiance in battle have every woman for miles willing to become his bride. But the king's business provides Tayg a welcome respite and a way to travel a bit before he decides to settle down. When Tayg and Catronia meet, more than sparks fly!