These Old Shades

These Old Shades - Georgette Heyer Not my favorite book by Ms. Heyer... Difficult to write my thoughts about the book. I could only skim it, because most of the book was, frankly, boring to me. So unlike the delightful Regency romances that Ms. Heyer is known for.I particularly disliked the "hero". Justin Alastair (Duke of Avon) readily admits to being a villain. His nickname is "Santana", or Satan. He's not a very nice man. And when encounters the heroine, Leonce, she has been playing the part of a boy for 7 years. Alastair suspects that she is related to an old enemy of his, and takes her in as his page. But the way he treats her (and yes, he knows that she is really a she), making or allowing her to fawn all over him... kneel, bow, kiss his hand. Ugh!Our heroine, Leonce, is sometimes delightful and often a child. Despite her difficult life (being switched at birth for a boy who can be her father's heir), Leonce supposedly has the manners and bearing of an aristocrat. Really? Usually I'm quite charmed by Ms. Heyer's stories. I wasn't particularly charmed with this one.