An Offer from a Gentleman (Bridgerton Series #3)

An Offer from a Gentleman (Bridgerton Series #3) - Delightful account of how Benedict Bridgerton finds his true love in the 3rd Bridgerton romance.I have to say, that of all the books in this series I've read, this book came the closest to straining my ability to suspend belief. The overwhelming parody of the Cinderella story was almost too much for me.The book was saved by how Ms.Quinn manages to make each of the 8 Bridgerton siblings unique -- while almost copies in looks, each personality is unique and striking. Benedict is probably the Dreamer of the Bridgertons, as he finds his perfect love at a masquerade but is unable to get her to tell him much about her, including her name, before she dashes off at midnight.Rather than a shoe, Benedict is left with a glove (containing a family crest) and the conviction that he cannot marry any other than this Girl he just met.We find out quite a lot about the Girl, Sophie, and her circumstances. But... as delightful as Sophie might be, this character (at least in this book) is frighteningly close to a Mary Sue. If I wasn't so entranced with Lady Whistlethrop and the Bridgerton clan, I might have stopped reading this book and gone on to the next.