The Wolf and the Dove

Wolf And The Dove - Kathleen E. Woodiwiss I think I read this book several years ago... it made an impression on me, and I vowed to find it and read it again. It's an OK romance - a very 70s (published in '74) take on middle-England and Norman conquerors and their Saxon conquered. I suppose romance readers owe writers like Woodiwiss a debt, because it's obvious that the romance novel formula didn't start in the last few years.Many are upset by the rape in this book. I don't condone it on any level, but as for the reality of the time, this book is quite tame. Wulfgar isn't like other Norman conquerors in that he doesn't allow his men to share Aislinn; but the other female servants aren't so lucky. I was a bit appalled at the giggling between Hlynn and Sweyn by the end of the book... I can't imagine Hlynn ever giggling (or even walking) again after what she was put through in the first few chapters of the book. *shudder*There are several inconsistencies in the book, such as Aislinn being able to tend to a sick child all night when she's still breastfeeding her infant. No, the infant, Bryce, is not with her, as you'd expect; he's snuggled up with Wulfgar, who may or may not be his father. No mention whatsoever of Aislinn's breasts bothering her or any complaint from anyone re: Bryce demanding his mother's milk.But Wulfgar proves himself a hero and opens his heart to love that he never expected or suspected could exist. Aislinn is almost too good-to-be true... and Gwendolyn and Ragnor are fairly stereotypical villains. And the story is predictable. But there's some fun in the reading, which is why I give it a 3-star rating... don't know if I'd recommend the book, but it's not a bad book.