On the Way to the Wedding (Bridgerton Series #8)

On the Way to the Wedding - Julia Quinn Well! This book, the last in the Bridgerton series, is certainly different from the rest! The opening alone had my poor heart a-twitter!Although, after reading the opening and getting into the first few chapters, it was obvious whom Gregory would fall in love with. And also obvious who was at the altar, when Gregory burst in and attempted to stop the wedding with a plea to the bride to marry HIM, instead. And as I read those first chapters, I was concerned that we were repeating his brother Anthony's story a bit too much... until the debutante who was in peril of scandal turned out to be someone else!Yes, several unexpected events in this book... several twists and turns. And yet, some of it felt forced. The evil machinations of an uncle and a father intent on getting his titled son safely married (a son who it is rumored prefers men to women)... and the implications from the uncle about what the poor girl might have to endure to carry an heir to the title were repugnant, to say the least. *shudder*Once again, though, Violet Bridgerton shows herself to be a mother in touch with each of her 8 children's personalities. She's able to shed light, gently, upon their motives and actions and guide them towards finding their own way with a new understanding of themselves. She's so delightful!I did enjoy the drama of this particular story. And I did mourn that this was, alas, the last of the Bridgerton saga. I can only hope that Ms. Quinn chooses to write more about this fascinating family!