A Poisoned Season (Lady Emily)

A Poisoned Season - Tasha Alexander LOVE the Lady Emily series! Great characters and events that aren't contrived but move the plot along and keep you turning pages. In this book, some pieces of the mystery are well-hidden with twists and turns, so that even I didn't know all behind the whodunnit this time! (And that's saying something, because I'm never fooled!)Lady Emily is now officially out of mourning for her late husband and back in London for the Season. She's not so keen to be part of the whirl of all the teas, parties, and all, but she doesn't mind a waltz or two with her handsome suitor Colin Hargreaves! She still pursues her Greek studies (the language, literature, and art) and still drinks port - much to the chagrin of her mother and society at large. But the talk of the Season is the recent thefts -- all items that belonged to the late Marie Antoinette. And even worse for Lady Emily, the thief/cat burglar seems to have developed a tendre for her. He's following her and leaving her gifts and love notes in Greek!Not to mention that she's being linked to scandalous gossip that intimates she's having an affair with her childhood friend, Jeremy. He's titled, rich, and quite handsome... and, despite being a confirmed bachelor, quite the catch! Plus Charles Berry, the new Golden Boy in town, who claims to be the great-great grandson to Marie Antoinette, and thus, the heir to the French throne... except there is no monarchy in France any longer. Or is there?And how does the murder by poisoning death of Lady Emily's new acquaintance, Mr. David Francis, fit in with all of this?Wonderful story - can't wait to read the next book!