Everything and the Moon (Lyndon Family Saga Series #1)

Everything and the Moon - Julia Quinn Enchanting romance! Victoria and Robert's elopement is thwarted by both their fathers, except neither knows the full set of circumstances. She thinks that he only wanted to seduce her and leave her -- after all, she's just the daughter of the local vicar. He thinks that she was only after his money and title -- after all, when he told her that his father would cut him off if they eloped, she didn't show.Seven years later, they meet at a country home. Victoria is the governess. Robert, an earl, is an honored guest. She just wants to be left alone, even if she hates being a governess -- neither family nor friend and much too young & pretty to be trusted. He wants revenge upon her, even tries to ruin her publicly... until he realizes he's still very much in love with her.Sure, their getting together takes up more pages than it should. But I appreciated Robert's persistence and his ability to learn and adapt. And I understood Victoria's need for friends and independence -- to be able to make decisions about her own life without consulting anyone else. And both have been hurt badly by the other - long ago and more than once in their fumbling attempts to find love again.Overall, a fun tale of romance and love... not as good as The Bridgerton series, but still a wonderful story.