The Pursuit of Pleasure

The Pursuit of Pleasure - Eh... wish I could say more about this book, because it has real potential. It just got half-baked and over-steamed by an author and publisher determined to crank out smut without any regard to readers or stories. Hey, if we give them enough eye candy and lots of steam and angst, who needs a true plot?Lizzie and James are childhood friends who get caught playing "doctor" as curious early-teens will do. Except that Lizzie's country squire father doesn't approve of James' no connections, no money family. So he buys the 14-year old a place in His Majesty's Navy and bodily throws the boy into his new life. Fast forward 10 years. Lizzie is now a stunning young woman who feels the need to be independent. She wants nothing more than to be a young widow. James is a man in search of way to keep the home and fortune he acquired as part of His Majesty's Navy safe... and oh, yes... he's on a spy mission for the government -- one that requires he "die", so that he can better fulfill his mission. James just happens to overhear Lizzie - how perfect! Now he can marry the girl, have mad sex with her for a few nights, and romp off to his mission, leaving her with the money she desires for her independence and him proof of his death. How convenient! Except it never happens that way, does it?Who's behind the smuggling plot is so transparent, you just want to strike James, Lizzie, and everyone involved. The "dirty talk" is so unnecessary - take a clue from Julia Quinn in "When He Was Wicked"! Her characters are naughty in a delicious way... yet they aren't vulgar about it. Get a plot, already!Sorry, but this book made me want to blow them all up. Which is such a shame, because had someone taken the time and care with this story that it was due, it could have been more than just a few pages of smut... unsatisfying smut, at that!