What Happens in London (Bevelstoke Series #2)

What Happens in London (Bevelstoke Series #2) - Oh my! IMO, this is perhaps my favorite Julia Quinn book since The Bridgerton series!!! YAY!We are reacquainted with Olivia Bevelstoke from "The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever". Olivia is in Town for the Season with her parents and her twin, Winston. She may be in her second Season, but Olivia is still considered quite the catch -- a diamond of the first water. However, she's getting a reputation for being too picky; after all, she rejected six or eight perfectly good proposals last year. The ton is starting to think that Olivia thinks herself too good for them. What does she want, a prince?Well, perhaps a prince wants her. A Russian prince, that is, and one who is being watched because the Home Office wants to find out what said prince is up to. And Olivia's new neighbor, Sir Harry Valentine, has been ordered to watch both the prince and Olivia, looking for signs of treason. Olivia and the ton are already intrigued by Sir Harry. Several rumors about him are swirling, including that he murdered his first fiancee. The man is positively secretive! And so, while Sir Harry is watching her, Olivia is watching him.This story had the banter and wit and comedy and grace I've come to expect from Ms. Quinn. And there were many LOL moments, including Sebastian reading and acting out Miss Butterworth and the Mad Baron to an audience that included the prince, his bodyguard, Olivia's butler, Sir Harry's brother, and 3 of the housemaids!Sure, the formulaic part of romance comes in a bit at the end, when Olivia is kidnapped. (Really, Ms. Quinn must love a good kidnapping... it occurs frequently in her books!) But even then, she manages to give us a good turn or two. And of course, the hero and heroine realize how truly wonderful they are together and how madly in love they are.And the proposal scene is perhaps one of my most favorite scenes, ever.I also love how Ms. Quinn manages to bring in some of the same elements into her books, such as the Smith-Smythe musicals (or is it Smythe-Smith) and Miss Butterworth and the Mad Baron. It always makes me look at the year that the current book is taking place in. I keep hoping for a peek at some of the other characters and stories that I so love of Ms. Quinn's -- a Bridgerton or Lady Whistledown or some such... Truly enjoyed this book. And while it's considered 2nd in a series, I don't think you have to read "The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever" first to enjoy this book.