Royal Flush (Royal Spyness Series #3)

Royal Flush - Rhys Bowen If you love a cozy-mystery that's as much fluff and fun set in the 1930s before WWII with a dash of young English royalty thrown in, you'll love the Lady Georgie Her Spyness mysteries.The mystery in book #3 is who is trying to do away with the heirs to the English throne? Yes, the Prince of Wales' (David) life has been threatened three times: 1. He fell off his horse, and it was discovered the saddle strap had been cut. 2. While driving with that American woman (Wallis Simpson), a huge boulder hit and wrecked their car. 3. Another Englishman was shot during a hunt at Balmoral... but the Englishman was standing near the Prince and could easily have been mistaken for the Prince. Not only that, but the other royalty (in Balmoral for the summer hunting) is at risk, too, including Lady Georgie (34th to the throne), her brother Binky, her nephew Podge, and even the Lady Elizabeth, eldest daughter to the Duke of York (and someday, Queen Elizabeth II).Georgie is still trying to fend off Prince Siegfried(or Fishface), still offering for her hand even though she and Siegfried both know that he prefers boys. (He's generously told her that it's about duty, and after she produces an heir, she can do as she pleases.) And she's still trying to figure out her relationship with Darcy O'Mara -- the handsome, sexy, but penniless Irish Lord who seems to be her off-again-on-again boyfriend.Just about everyone manages to be at Castle Rannoch or Balmoral, including 2 giant Scottish cousins, Georgie's mother (a former actress turned Baroness when she married Georgie's father, but who bolts constantly to other rich men), and even Belinda, Georgie's best friend.Lots of possibilities for who is doing what to whom and why. And while it's charming, it's not quite a taxing book or series. But it just might be your cup of tea with familiar characters, cheekiness, and a dash of mystery.