Naughty in Nice (Royal Spyness Series #5)

Naughty In Nice - Rhys Bowen Might be my favorite of this series, so far!!! As always, familiar characters and fun new ones (like Coco Chanel) and a great set up.This time, it's the dead of winter, and anyone who's anyone is no longer in London but in Nice on the French Rivera -- including the Prince of Wales and Georgie's brother Binky and sister-in-law Fig. But of course, no money for Georgie's ticket or place for her to stay. That is, until HM asks Georgie to "recover" a silver snuffbox taken from HM's collection by a Sir Toby Groper. And her HM pays for Georgie's ticket!Luckily for Georgie, she meets HM's cousin and Coco Chanel on the train down, and finds a much better villa to stay in besides the one that Fig's sister (even more of a penny-pincher than Fig) is staying in. AND Coco asks Georgie to be her feature model for the show in Nice featuring a new line of masculine-feminine PLUS one of HM's crown jewel necklaces.Of course, a mystery ensues... not only is the necklace stolen during the show (after Georgie trips down the runway), but Sir Toby Groper turns up dead in his swimming pool just hours after groping Georgie on his yacht. The Nice Police think that Georgie killed Groper -- especially after the gardener reports that someone who looks exactly like Georgie was leaving Groper's house in the right time frame. And the gardener's not the first to say that Georgie's been spotted around town.Who is impersonating Georgie? What happened to the necklace? Who really killed Sir Toby? Does Darcy really have a mistress and a child? And most importantly, HOW is Georgie ever to get HM's snuffbox out of Sir Toby's house now?Belinda and Georgie's mom show up in Nice, of course. And her non-royal grandpa is summoned, as well... Lots of fun and a few twists for good measure.