Minx (Blydon Family Saga Series #3)

Minx - Julia Quinn I enjoyed many facets of this book, but I can't say that I enjoyed the book as a whole. The quirky, funny, witty, falling-in-love parts were almost overshadowed by TBM pain & angst. And the back-and-forth inner dialogs that both Dunstan and Henry (Henrietta) have with themselves became endlessly maddening.Dunstan and Henry are perfect for one another. And perhaps discovering that so early on in the story is what made the rest of it seem to drag. Because, after all, Henry is a little miss from Cornwall with very little knowledge and no experience with society or the ton. It only makes sense that we can't leave Dunstan and Henry happily-ever-after in Cornwall on a farm. Dunstan's world *is* society. So Ms. Quinn has to contrive a way to get Henry to Town and into a Season. But that's just how it feels - contrived.Don't get me wrong -- there is much about the plot that makes sense. I *get* why Dunstan wants to give Henry a Season: not just because, as her guardian, it's the right thing to do, but because he also has to show her she truly is a woman, give her women friends, and help her learn and practice a bit in society. And OK, I understand that his motives are pure (or he wants them to be) by giving Henry a choice in whom she marries... even whom she might be interested in or fall in love with. I even understand his reluctance to claim her for himself once he discovers that he's her guardian. But. It. Just. Takes. So. Long!And TBM (the big misunderstanding) between Dunstan and Henry also seems highly contrived. The Mistress. Am I Enough? Does She Love Me Or Doesn't She? Does He Love Me Or Doesn't He?Yes, there must be drama. Yes, there must be something standing in the way of True Love, or we'll blow not only the romance formula but also prove Shakespeare wrong about the course of true love. But... it almost seemed cruel for them to marry in the middle of TBM. And the "happy ending" is a last minute save, a la the early Star Trek episodes where everything is righted and the world is saved in the last 2-3 minutes of the episode.Wish I could love it. Just didn't.