Ten Things I Love about You (Bevelstoke Series #3)

Ten Things I Love about You (Bevelstoke Series #3) - LOVED this book! A few so-so moments, but most of the book is sparkling with witty dialogues, both inner and spoken, and the kind of characters and story that only Ms. Quinn can provide.I marvel at how Ms. Quinn is able to create so many new and unique heroines within the romance-formula. While some parts of Annabel remind me of Miranda (from book 1 in this series) and some parts are reminiscent of Henry in Minx of the Splendid series, Annabel seems very unique to me in that she's a country miss dependent upon making a GREAT MATCH to benefit her family, and she's wholly naive and unconcerned about the rules of society and the ton. She's wholly and completely her "country self" at all times in her manners, her laughter, and her comments. I truly believed that Annabel was following her own conscience and heart, while being torn by her duty to her family. There didn't seem to be moments where she deliberately attempted to smooth over her rough spots, as I felt that even Henry did in "Minx". Sebastian Grey is simply a wonder of a character! While it sometimes seems to me that Ms. Quinn creates series to complete a trio of characters (such as Splendid) and sometimes over-reaches to do so, I didn't find that the case at all with Sebastian. And I LOVE how Ms. Quinn keeps slipping in characters with literary bents and keeping their identities secret. Whether or not it was planned all along that Sebastian was writing the Sarah Gorey books that we've been hearing about in all 3 books of this series, it was certainly GENIUS! As delightful a revelation as Lady Whistledown in The Bridgerton series, but perhaps even better done with the identity revelation -- because in this case, only 2 people + the publisher truly know. And that gives us the pleasure of Ms. Quinn making future references to these books in more of her future books, whether or not they're part of this particular series.Sebastian and Annabel seem an unlikely couple. As the reader, you're cheering them on from the beginning. And after reading this book, it struck me that the "usual" revelations that the hero has about falling in love didn't strike me as potentially false as they have with previous heroes in Ms. Quinn's arsenal of heroes. Quibbles, to be sure, on my part, but I didn't debate or nit pick Sebastian's inner dialogue as I have with other heroes. Not even when she continued to bring the Peninsular war in again and PTSD with Sebastian -- a condition we didn't even realize he had until this book. There was angst but not overly-dramatic angst.Annabel's grandmother is another one of those sharp, witty treasures that Ms. Quinn creates. It almost makes one want to be an older matron in Ms. Quinn's books - they're usually the brightest spots next to the hero and heroine!Enjoyed the book thoroughly... loved the 10-things lists that kept appearing... even forgave the brief info in the Epilogue (of the 3 existing children, which are boys and what are their names?).