To Catch an Heiress (Lady Danbury's Influence Series #1)

To Catch an Heiress - Julia Quinn Ah... this book was so delightful! A laugh-out-loud book with some drama, some mystery, a few spies, a heart-stopping Hero, and a spunky Heroine who isn't of the ton - imagine that! IMO, this book compares to The Bridgerton series, where I was first introduced to Ms. Quinn's writing. I can't wait to read Ex-spies #2!One of the things I so adore about Ms. Quinn is how she manages to insert something literary into each book. In this case, her Heroine, Caroline Trent, enjoys words. She keeps her own notebook -- a dictionary, of sorts -- of words that interest her. That notebook is part of what convinces Blake Ravenscroft that she must be the spy he's after; the book must be code of some sort, because WHO would keep such a notebook if it's not code?Caroline is in the midst of escaping her current guardian's house when a tall, dark, and very handsome stranger (Blake) mistakes her for a Spanish spy by the name of Carlotta De Leon. Blake has been watching Caroline's guardian's home, because the man (Oliver) is part of a treasonous gang smuggling to and from France and most likely more. Because Caroline needs to stay away from Oliver for 6 weeks until she can claim her inheritance (at the age of 21), she allows Blake to kidnap her and take her to his home for further questioning. She just wants to be anywhere safe for the next 6 weeks. But she's got to figure out how to keep Blake convinced to keep her and not talk... when she finds out that Blake's trying to capture Oliver, she gladly gives as much information as she can to get Oliver out of the way - permanently.Caroline and Blake are fun together. They bicker and argue so much, that at one point, Blake's friend, James (a marquis) actually threatens them with bodily harm if they don't shut up, and then later, James leaves for London telling them their arguing is one of the reasons he had to get out of the house!Blake's servants are priceless! Caroline has the butler and the cook wrapped around her finger. In fact, they treat her as if she's the queen! I love it when Blake's sister unexpectedly appears and the staff quits feeding Blake and his sister but makes huge meals for Caroline!Fun, quirky, witty, romantic... and spies. Life is good!