Embrace the Highland Warrior

Embrace the Highland Warrior - Anita Clenney The toughest part about reading these books is that they're over too quickly!Last book, we dealt with Faelen (The Mighty Faelen) and Bree... it was mostly their story, and the way to introduce us to this sub-culture/demi-immortal set of Warriors whose job is to keep humans safe. They fight demons, especially the really nasty, old ones that the Archangel Michael assigns to a specific Warrior. Only 2 of the current Warriors (the ones we know) have killed an ancient demon: Faelen and Cody.At the end of the 1st book, we saw Cody grabbing Faelen from the altar, just after saying, "I do" to Bree. In this book, we learn why...Seems that Cody and his brothers are part of the American clan of Connors. They were sent to Virginia to protect Shay. Way back then, Shay was only an infant and the MacBain brothers were toddlers. But Cody's father (Ewan), Cody, and his brothers are all Warriors. Shay's father was a Warrior, too, killed in battle. Shay's mother was killed in a car accident that should have killed Shay; in fact, Shay was marked by the demon who tried to kill her. All because Shay's father (Edward) had The Book of Battles -- a book that tells the battles between demons and warriors from past to future, including who the victor of each battle is. And one particular demon, Malek, either got information from the book or his hands on that book, somehow, because Malek has a specific reason for killing Shay and her family. In the book, Malek learns that the son that Shay and Cody are destined to have, Alexander, is the one who will eventually kill him (Malek). So Malek decides to head off his own fate by killing Shay.Except that after the accident, the MacBain family claimed to bury not only Shay's mother, but the infant Shay, as well. They hid her identity and gave her a new family, next door to the MacBain's. Shay grew up with the MacBain boys, thinking of them much like brothers. Until she was 18 and Shay encountered Cody, back from some training. Their friendship sparked into a passionate encounter in the hay that was abruptly ended. Neither Shay nor Cody truly talked about what happened or what was next after their encounter. Shay was confused, especially when Cody blurted out that her name wasn't really Shay (it's Dana Michelle Edwards) and that the family she thought she had wasn't really her family... and yes, as much as he thought he could tell her spilled out. Which put Cody in serious hot water with the Warrior Council.Shay fled, feeling completely shattered -- her whole life a lie. Then she discovered she was pregnant. But Cody never received the 2 letters she'd sent him. And Shay never received the numerous letters and messages that Cody left for her.And now nine years later, Shay's life is definitely in danger from demons, vampires, halflings, minions (human servants of demons), and an ancient demon who definitely more than just a demon. Which is why Cody drags Faelen and other Warriors away from the wedding celebration to find and protect Fay.What could and should be a farce if handled poorly is a thrilling tale of romance, loss, confusion, battles, heroics, and more. We discover new things about this world of Warriors, Demons, and Archangels. But is there still a traitor within the Connor clan? When Angus died from a battle near the end of the 1st book, he died with the word "traitor" on his lips. He happened to be looking at Sorcha at the time -- but is Sorcha the traitor? Or is there another? How did all these demons and vampires manage to breech the "hidden" castle protections? And what's up with the white cat with green eyes that protects Shay? And what about this green emerald that one of the ancient demons wants so badly... is it in Bree's possession or Shay's? Are Bree and Shay Warriors, too? And who's next in the mating-game -- who will find his or her mate next? Will Sorcha finally recognize that Duncan is her mate? (We don't know this for sure, but it's my guess...) And what about poor Jamie... will he hook up with Cody's gal-pal crime fighter Sam or find his true mate?So much to look forward to!