Revealed - Kate Noble Great book - nice introduction into what (I hope) will be spy series that keeps Marcus and Phillipa in play.When I first picked up the book, it seemed over-long. And I confess, at times, I thought it might become so. But as I read, it did not; I did not find myself bored or rolling my eyes. I enjoyed the contrast between Phillipa so titled, beautiful, and celebrated by the Ton, and Marcus the 3rd son and only a "Mister". I also enjoyed how Ms. Noble led us on a merry chase for so long over The Blue Raven and how The Blue Raven came to be. Totty was a delight, as was Phillipa's rival Lady Jane. But Broughton, the marquis that Phillipa is supposedly set her cap for and fighting her rival to attain, was disappointing. And I must confess that I was hoping that HE was involved with all the nastiness. But that's too neat a solution.While whirling through parties and ballrooms, we're offered a nice slice of the Ton. But we're also able to see how rigid it's rules, how frail it's veneer, and how nasty and superficial it truly is. And Phillipa seems to see it, too.Looking forward to the next book.