Nemesis (Miss Marple Mysteries)

Nemesis - Agatha Christie Even though I thought I'd read every Agatha Christie book that existed, I discovered that I had never read "Nemesis". While I enjoyed the book, I found it quite dark and... something. If I had Miss Marple's sense of evil, I'd say that the book definitely has the sense of evil about it - it's almost oppressive. Perhaps because Miss Marple is feeling old. She thinks and acts elderly, and much of the book is her thought process, all of it.The first few pages were painful. I confess to almost not reading the book. But I decided to at least get through the first chapter, and when I did, I was intrigued. Confused, but intrigued. As the story unfolded, for the first time in an Agatha Christie book, I found myself ahead of the author. Which makes me wonder... have I read or seen or heard about this book before? Hmmm...There is darkness, yes. And where there is murder, there is always evil. But Nemesis is an aptly named book, because Nemesis was the Greek goddess of retribution. For some, she was only about revenge; but in truth, she was about justice. And that's what Miss Marple delivers in this book - Justice.