This Rough Magic

This Rough Magic - Mary Stewart 3.5 starsI enjoyed this book a lot, but it's been awhile since I've read Mary Stewart, and I'm just sort of getting back to reading some of her books. So reading this book (maybe again, I'm not sure), I found myself caught up in the details, but not really "mystified" by anything. I suppose that's the jadedness of "now". I'm a mystery buff, so little surprises me anyway, and with mysteries getting such attention since the late 70s, it's tough to pull a new trick on an old dog, so to speak.But the story was enjoyable, even if it did seem to take place in a very short span of time. The characters were well-written and interesting. Corfu was almost a character, in itself, and the writing made me want to visit! I didn't know about the island supposedly being the site of "The Tempest" and part of "The Odyssey". That was fascinating to me.But the main character seemed naive to me - probably because she was part of her time (late 60s early 70s). When did we lose that innocence and inherent belief that people are good?Fun book... checking to see if a movie was ever made - would have been a great TV movie!