Outlander (Outlander, #1)

Outlander (Outlander, #1) - Diana Gabaldon June 2011 (1st read)While the first 70 pages or so of this book may not be the most interesting, they're definitely important to the story that unfolds... After that, you'll be swept into Claire & Jamie's love story for the ages -- sweet, funny, steamy, touching, and to-die-for.Diana G provides us with a cast of well-developed characters, who remain true to themselves through-out the story. Not always a pleasant story, but one that peels back time and shows a glimpse of 1740s Scotland in the Jacobite era. When Claire is accidentally whisked back in time from post-WW2 Scotland (1945) into 1743, we feel her bewilderment and shock. Along with the history, we're also reminded just how different the customs, culture, and daily activities were from now and then -- remembering that "now" is 1945. A few slight complaints, such as Claire's attitude about women is probably a bit more feminist than most 1940s gals, especially in England. But this story and these characters definitely stay with you, and you *want* more... luckily there are a few more books in the series!-----------Jan 2012No matter how many times I re-read this book, I'm always captured completely by it! IMO, no other fictional characters can touch JAMIE FRASER & CLAIRE BEAUCHAMP RANDALL FRASER!!! Their lives, their love, their story... *sigh*