Rattle His Bones (Daisy Dalrymple Mysteries, No. 8)

Rattle His Bones  - Carola Dunn Probably my least favorite book so far in the series... the book has a promising beginning and all the right elements. But somehow and somewhere along the way, it ceased to be interesting to me. It's not all the "techie" stuff of bones and minerals and fossils - I read tons of historical fiction with a lot more detail and techie stuff than this. No, this story just didn't hold my interest. There were too many people to keep track of and an obvious comic relief. The end where the culprit is exposed is like a key-stone cop sequence.And while Tring and Piper believe in and support Daisy being part of the investigations, Alec is still stubbornly against her involvement. If he'd only direct her into useful and harmless tasks that she's suited for, their relationship wouldn't take such a turn.But in the end - the very end of the book, we see Alec and Daisy finally get what they've wanted and what we've all wanted for them all along. While we only got a peek at their quick wedding, it seemed as if it was a nice event. Mrs. Fletcher and the Dowager Duchess are still the hold-outs on their marriage, but it's interesting that the two of them agree! Perhaps making them allies of a sort will help overall.