A Matter of Temptation

A Matter of Temptation - Lorraine Heath 3 - 4+ starsThis book is difficult for me to rate... Overall, I enjoyed the story and was pleasantly pulled in and "hooked". But there are several things that, if I take time to think about, spoil the overall book.For example, we never do find out why Twin John became "evil" and decided to assume his older brother Robert's identity... why it was necessary to imprison Robert and murder their parents just to become the Duke. We never do know if John really did care for Torie (Victoria) or if it was just about her dowry of money and lands. We never do know why John practically bankrupt his holdings - was it just to live the lifestyle he wanted? Or was it to purposefully do things that made his brother's name (Robert, the real Duke) look bad? Besides which, all Robert had to do is what he eventually did: put John in an insane asylum. Why he couldn't bring himself to kill his brother or have him killed is beyond me; yes, that's the mercenary in me. But if Robert really believed (as he had every reason to do) that John would stop at nothing to get his way, only his death would completely resolve the situation, as unpleasant as that might be. But we're to believe that our Hero has more scruples, conscience, and honor in his noble soul, so murder is out of the question.And those questions without answers or even hints of answers make this book very unsatisfying.I also felt Robert's sense of honor was overdone. Withholding himself from a true marriage with Torie... OK, so Robert was concerned that Torie had fallen in love with John. But everything Torie said and did pointed otherwise. Without the help of his long-time friend, Weddy (Weddington), would Robert have ever realized that Torie had grown to love and know him, the real Robert?And I wasn't quite sure what the big deal was about having to prove that he was Robert. I suppose because John had done such a good job of assuming his brother's identity, that Robert felt he had to prove that he was Robert and not John? And at the end of the book, it seemed to make more sense. But even so, to be able to prove that his brother (regardless of WHO he was) had imprisoned his twin without trial or cause for 8 years! Wouldn't that be a sign that whoever that Duke was, he was insane or greedy or something? There's no cause to do that.And suddenly for John to decide that Robert posed too great a danger to him alive... altogether too convenient. Were we supposed to believe that because John thought Torie really cared for Robert that now John had to kill him?A sweet story filled with pain and questions... and tragedy. With a few more answers or hints, perhaps I could rate this book higher. I'm almost afraid that the end of the book portends the next in the series, that is, Diana (Torie's sister) falling in love with John, now safely in an insane asylum.