A Laird for All Time

A Laird for All Time - Angeline Fortin Unfortunately, I agree with several other reviewers here at Goodreads. The book's premise has promise, but the story and the characters just don't live up to that promise. I can overlook the formatting and typos and other ebook issues - heaven knows that too many publishers race to ebook format without giving the book a good once-over after it's in that format. But I can't overlook taking what should be a really good novel and making it only so-so.I've never read a "highlander" romance novel set in Victorian times, so I can't speak from any historical perspective, but.... even the past Duart and its inhabitants seem to be too modern for Victorian times. And the Heroine, a 28-year old American OB/GYN from Maryland, seems too over-the top. She's brash, and her modern phrases seem to be too crass for a woman who's worked her way through university and medical school. Granted, being a doctor doesn't make her prim and proper, but still. Knowing what time she's gone back to, you'd think she'd at least attempt to avoid crude and startling statements. I don't quibble with her frank attitudes towards sex and child bearing; I quibble with her constant grating speech.The "mystery" of what happened to the laird's wife, Heather, isn't much of a mystery - it's obvious early on. What isn't obvious is why, as one reviewer here put it, such an Alpha Male wouldn't just push the whole incident in the past, let it go, and move on. Why would this man, even a prideful man, hold on so hard to a hurt caused by a woman he'd met the day before their wedding? If the two had been closer or if he'd always been in love with her from afar, it might be more understandable. But Connor seems to be overly sentimental and broody about something that's very inconsequential. Which means the underlying reason for our Heroine's return to the past is moot. Shame.I'd love to give this book a higher rating, because, as I've said, there is something charming about it. And I enjoyed the twist on the time travel, putting us into an era where the 'past' characters could live through much of the early 20th century to witness events that the 'modern' time traveler knows about. I got a good chuckle out of the family's eventual investments in Coca-Cola, Microsoft, and Google. But overall, the story didn't do it for me.