Darkfever (Fever, #1)

Darkfever  - Karen Marie Moning 3.5 starsI put off reading this series, because I know it's so different from KMM's Highlander series that I loved and was a bit ticked off that she quit writing for this one. But I also know there are rabid Fever fans, and when one of my friends took the plunge and started into this series, I decided to try it for myself.MacKayla (Mac) Lane starts out as a girly-girl, but her life is turned upside down when her older sister, Alina, in Ireland attending college, is violently murdered. And as Mac goes to Ireland, despite her parents' wishes, to find out more about Alina's death, it seems as if her brightly colored, pink & rainbow world get slammed time and time again against unseen and unknown enemies. Anyone with half a clue seems to clam up and not be willing to tell Mac what she wants and needs to know to survive. Only Jericho Barrons helps her by taking her in, although his motives are suspect. While he might tell her some things and teach her some survival techniques, it never seems like enough. Mac finds herself trying to survive in a very paranormal world without really knowing the players or the rules. She finds a toughness - mental and physical - inside herself that she never knew existed.This book and this series wasn't at all what I expected from the snippets I'd read before actually diving in. It's very difficult to describe! But KMM creates characters and weaves stories that, although fantastic, are addicting and make sense in a certain way. Couldn't help but continuing to read.