Dreamfever (Fever, #4)

Dreamfever (Fever, #4) - Karen Marie Moning Wow... very difficult to read, and yet more difficult not to! It's like apples and oranges to compare KMM's Highlander series to the Fever series - purposely done by the author, IMO. It's easier for me to love the Highlander series, because it's not so in-your-face... not quite so hopeless. It's more romance with all the Fae and Druid and other stuff thrown in; it doesn't get "dark" until Daegus' story, and even then, everything seems manageable somehow.This book is no-holds-barred. It picks up where we left off - Mac, naked and in the hands of the Unseelie Princes and the Lord Master, Darroc - the same Darroc who was her sister, Alina's, lover before she was killed. Did Darroc kill her?It was almost unbearable to see Mac in that condition. To know the horrors she'd been through. And then to have her in the custody of that hated Rowena in the abbey. Thank goodness for Dani! Or... hmmm... then again, that's a tough one, too.Everything is tough about this book - even when Barrons "helps" Mac through being Pri-ya. I wanted to pump my fist in the air and yell "YES!", except that I'm not sure how much of that counted - how much means anything for real. Like Mac, it's tough to know who's who and what's what, more for the trust factor than anything else. And it seems there's no one she can trust.So much more to find out... hoping that the 5th book doesn't leave us hanging, but will resolve it - or the main parts of it. Otherwise, I might just be tempted to think KMM got a little too commercial in this series.