Shadowfever (Fever, #5)

Shadowfever (Fever, #5) - Karen Marie Moning Glad that the series is over - I needed the resolution.While some things were definite SHOCKS (and it's tough to get one over on me), other things weren't. Some things were just difficult - difficult to absorb and difficult to believe. In a way, everything wrapped up a bit too nicely. Then again, "a bit too nicely" is almost what I needed. I don't think I could have handled anymore enduring mysteries, unanswered questions, or sorrow. I almost lost hope in book 4 and had a tough time with it in book 5.It was aggravating that the MacKeltars - 3 of whom I got to know well in the Highlander series - seemed so snarly and difficult to get along with in books 4 & 5. Christian was new to this series, and I really feel for the guy; he goes through a lot. I'm hoping that KMM will see fit to give him his own story, and I hope that it allows Christian to find peace, happiness, and yes I will say it - love. (I wish that we'd seen more of the MacKeltar women. We got a couple of brief glimpses of them, but I'd have loved for Mac to have had a conversation with them, and I'd have loved to see all of them together and talking! I've missed them!)The unraveling of the mystery of Mac... have to admit, I was never quite sure who or what or how she was so embroiled in all of this. I don't want to mark this as a spoiler review, so I'll be careful; I just could never quite get my head around Mac. And I'm still not sure that I have. The whys and the wherefores of Mac are almost a bit too fantastical for me; I was ready to accept other explanations, because they made more rational sense to me. And that, I suppose, is the genius of KMM's writing. She still has the ability to surprise and amaze, while weaving such a wonderful, addicting tale.Barrons... hmm, what can I say about him? I'm drawn to him, and yet I'm frightened of him - still. Although I have to say, he showed a much gentler, kinder side of Barrons (at least to Mac) = FINALLY! Yes, in book 4, it was obvious that he lusted for her, but it wasn't until book 5 (this one) where it was obvious that there was something more than just lust on his mind. (Not that Barrons' lust is a bad thing. But like Mac, I'd want a bit more than just that.) V'lane... difficult to say too much about him without spoilers. Let's just say that I was surprised, but I wasn't. I was almost sad for Mac, though; it amazed me that a Fae could manage to do and accomplish all that he did. He truly was a master at words, actions, and keeping secrets.The Unseelie King - this was probably the most turnabout and most confusing. We've been led to believe for so long that he's the "bad guy" - the evil one. And while KMM has built it up so that we've questioned those assumptions and opinions (that she created!), it's also tough to get my head around him. I guess everyone is supposed to have grown and matured and evolved through this series. But the UK just... baffles me, up to and including his confrontations at the end with Cruce/War and Mac - the way he had them interact... the things he said. Are we to believe that Love Conquers All?A happy ending, as promised by KMM - at least as "happy" as is possible with the world she left us in. BTW, my Kindle cover looks more like the paperback version with the dark-haired girl. Not that it matters, but I always like to match up covers with my reviews.