Voyager (Outlander Series #3)

Voyager  - Diana Gabaldon 1st read: June 16, 2011?th read: Feb, 5 2012I can't believe I didn't write a review of this book, but it looks as if I didn't!This is my 2nd favorite book in the series, just after the 1st book Outlander. I really enjoy learning about Jamie's history after Claire left him in Dragonfly in Amber. I wasn't even irritated that the story bounced back and forth for awhile, between Bree-Roger-Claire and Jamie. In fact, I enjoyed the "hunt" and the tidbits of information that Roger, Bree, and Claire picked up which led into Jamie's story. I was completely taken up with what was going on and hoping against hope that they'd find Jamie alive.But when Claire travels back, again, to Jamie - I was as excited and happy at their reunion as Claire was! And I truly appreciated that the author was able to take us through that from Claire's eyes - AND that Claire was able to pull back enough to see that she had been preparing for months for this event, but that Jamie had no preparation at all. And all the hullaballo that happens when Claire does return! In the space of a month's time, too. I was wondering, with Jamie, if perhaps Jamie couldn't have his "life" and Claire, too. If there was something about the two of them together, being out of time and place, that forced impossible events to occur. But I held fast and kept reading!I must say, the whole China man scenario was convenient and out-of-place. But when I'd finished the book, I could see that the author did a good job of pulling it all together, and making Mr. Willoughby an integral part of the story. How else would Jamie be able to make such a ship voyage without acupuncture? And Lord John Gray... Voyager marks the start of LJG's tales - with and without Jamie. I can say that each time I read his conversation with Claire, I feel the bitterness in my throat, just as Claire does, winding her way through the story of Jamie and LJG. I feel her twinges of doubt as to what this relationship between the two is all about - what happened and which emotions are engaged on Jamie's part? It's a tough pill to swallow. In so many ways, I feel as if Lord John Gray is the *biggest* threat to Jamie & Claire's relationship... and that all started with this book. However, I must say in all fairness, that I've come to appreciate LJG, and even to like him, for his own sake; I just don't want him around Jamie & Claire - LOL!The story with the younger Ian... breaks my heart. But such an adventure! Jamie has two "foster" sons now, Fergus and Ian. He was definitely meant to be a father! The return to Lallybroch... Claire reuniting with Ian and Jenny. It seemed so idyllic, until... Leoghaire! I wasn't expecting that at all, and I was as angry as Claire was, at the beginning. I was angry at Jamie for keeping it from Claire. I experienced all that Claire did, and I was glad that we both (LOL) came to the same conclusions at about the same time. And we managed to continue.I was amazed at how the Frenchman's Gold story was so interwoven with the treasure, Ian's capture, the voyage to rescue him... and then Geillis! What a horrifying treat!Voyage just keeps on giving. Every time I thought that finally Jamie & Claire might just have a breath or a break, something else would come into the picture: the mess in Edinburgh, Jenny and then Leoghaire, young Ian's capture, the Porpoise and her ill crew, Fergus and Marsali, Lord John Gray, Geillis, Mr. Willoughby, Rev. Campbell, and even Lawrence Stern! There is more adventure and danger and excitement in this book than most people have in an entire lifetime! And all were woven together in an intricate and wonderful tale. I didn't want the adventure to end!I laughed, cried, gasped, was terrified, spit nails, sighed, was romanced... the entire gambit of emotions! Truly a great book!