Wicked Business (Lizzy and Diesel Series #2)

Wicked Business - Janet Evanovich *NOTE: The eBook edition has links in the story text to exclusive bonus content from Janet E - pictures of places in the story and more info about each. It's a neat feature.LOVED this book! It's the 2nd in the Lizzy and Diesel series. Lizzie and Diesel are Unmentionables - people with "powers" out of the ordinary. Diesel's power arsenal includes being able to appear and disappear at will, unlocking anything, and locating Unmentionables, especially those who are causing trouble. Lizzy makes out-of-this-world cupcakes and can locate/sense magical objects - like the SALIGIA, 7 stones, each stone representing one of the 7 deadly sins. If combined into one object/vessel, these stones can give their "owner" the power to unleash hell on earth.In the 1st book, Lizzy and Diesel were after the Avaritia stone, or Greed. In this book, they're after the Luxuria stone, or Lust. (Diesel's doing the happy dance about that!)But they're not the only ones after the stones: Wulf (Gerwulf Grimoire), Diesel's "dark" cousin and his minion, Hatchet, are after the stones, too. And possibly a third party - a woman who calls herself Anarchy.Carl the monkey and Cat #7143 are along for the ride, too, along with Carla, the owner of the bakery where Lizzy works and a former Unmentionable and Glo, the quirky wanna-be wizard who mixes things up with her casting of spells.To find the Luxuria stone, Diesel and Lizzy must unravel the murder of Gilbert Reedy, a Harvard professor who was enamored with a book of love poetry said to inspire lust. The book has a key, and both the book and key are vital to locating the stone. Carl the monkey comes away from the scene of the crime with the key, but where's the book?As Lizzy and Diesel dig deeper, there are fiery explosions, encounters with poisons and swords, kidnapping, objects that are tuned to show clues to the stone's location only with the right frequency or vibration, and the scary tomb-like Sphinx at Dartmouth College.Once again, it's a race against time and the enemy... and it's one fast, wild, fun, and laugh-out-loud moments.