A Highlander's Destiny

A Highlander's Destiny - Melissa Mayhue Loved this book! Loved that Jesse got his own story!There's some tough subject matter here... but the author handles it in a realistic way. She doesn't dwell on what might have or did happen - she gives us enough detail to understand the terror that Leah (and even Destiny) faces.It's interesting that Adira gets a spotlight, along with Severan's two henchmen, Flynn and Devlin. We get another possible explanation for vampires from this author; in this case, Nuadian Fae who use the blood of Mortals to extend their powers in this world, since they can't return to Faerie. Adira learns that blood with Fae in it extends the special abilities that person has to her... along with Magic. But the downside is that it makes the Nuadian Fae who drinks the blood susceptible to violence - both able to commit it personally and to have it committed against them; in other words, they can kill and be killed or hurt.Destiny is a brave young woman. She and Leah have had a weird upbringing, and they've shunned anything smacking of magic or faeries. Their mother told them their father was Fae, and that he left their family for their protection. All the girls know is that their 60s hippie mother Rainbow lost it after their father left; they're not sure that the stories she told about True Love and faeries aren't the product of her depression and alcohol addiction.But when Leah is taken, Destiny turns to Coryell Enterprises when no one else will help her track down her sister. Jesse has been feeling out of it, and his niece, Rosie, tells him he needs to find his Destiny. So when Jesse sees Destiny's letter, her name jumps out at him. And he pursues the case on his own.What follows is a harrowing, suspenseful tale of what we've come to expect from this series: True Love, the Fae, magic, and yes, evil Fae (Nuadian Fae).