A Highlander's Homecoming

A Highlander's Homecoming - Melissa Mayhue Loved this book! So glad that Robert MacQuarrie, who time traveled into the 21st century with his best friend Connor in the 1st book, finally had his own story!Leah, Destiny's sister from the previous book "A Highlander's Destiny" needs a safe place to hide from the Nuadian Fae. She's terrified that they'll find her and continue taking her blood... and actually go through with raping her to produce more half-blood Fae offspring to keep Adira, Flynn, and Devlin in their Bloodlust.Pol makes a suggestion that Leah would be safe in another time. Robert, who has no family beyond the Coryells and no real ties in this time, decides he's the one for the job. Robert will take Leah back to his time, and fulfill an oath to a good friend - to take care of the friend's daughter. But the Fae have their ways, and Robert ends up 20 years past the time he left... the daughter, Isabella MacGahan, is all grown up. But there's something strange about her... weather seems to appear and disappear according to her moods. Isa lives like a hermit, alone and with only her own animals and garden. She has some company in Jamie, the young grandson of her old nurse, Auld Annie. But Jamie is mistreated by her grandfather's next-in-line. In fact, her grandfather might be the laird of the MacGahan's, but he's not much of a laird any more. He leans too much on his second, a man determined to be the laird, in any way possible. He forces his daughter (Isa's age) on the old laird, trying to get a child on his daughter so that he can be the child's guardian and laird of the clan. The only one really standing in his way is Isa: her grandfather has declared that if his new wife fails to produce a male heir, then Isa is the rightful next in line.Of course, this sets off a whole new chain of events... and Robert is in the middle of them all. He's trying to figure out what's up with Isa, although he suspects it has to do with the Fae. He's trying to determine who fathered young Jamie and why he's in danger. And He's trying to prevent the villain from winning.The conclusion is imaginative and fitting... and sets up a later book. All very well done!