Forever His: A Time-Travel Romance (Stolen Brides Series)

Forever His  - Shelly Thacker 3.5 starsI really liked this book, although I take issue with one of the main plot devices - the bullet fragment still lodged in Celine's back. That was too convenient and too forced.But I did enjoy the romance and mostly how it unfolded. I liked Gaston, even when he was treating her badly, because I understood where he was coming from. The author set up the premise and the barrier between the two quite well. And while Celine managed to accomplish bringing a lot of modern conveniences into the 14th century in *only 4 days* (eye roll), for the most part, the banter and the way that she endeared herself to him and to his people was entertaining and enchanting.But the story felt over-long... overly drawn out with the whole is-he-or-isn't-he-a-villain thing with Tourvelle. Obviously, since Celine's ancestors, the Fontaines, had the castle/lands, Tourvelle didn't win. Although it brings up an interesting point... how can Celine be related to Gaston and also the mother of the very children that caused her to be related to Gaston? That's a confusing circle!But it's a light comedy with nice human elements, including the little girl who's magical and mystical and has mighty Druid powers. Even the discovery of other time travelers (although, again, so convenient) is interesting.No way can this book be truly compared to the Outlander series. But in terms of time travel romance, it's one of the better ones that I've read.