In Deep Shitake

In Deep Shitake - Patricia Mason 3.5-4 starsI really, really liked this book - LOL! And that surprises me, 'cuz it was a freebie from Ebooks... you never quite know what you're gonna get with a freebie.But the quirky title got me. I have a friend who swears creatively, trying not to use the more common (and vulgar) words. So the title totally reminded me of something my friend would come up with. Turns out Mo (Imogene Tuttle - what a name!) works for a P.I. office and has had client complaints about her swearing; so Mo, a former culinary student, decides to employ more creative swearing methods (like my friend), using food. What a crack up!Here are some of the better phrases:* Son of a poached egg* Crepe!* Butt out, rump roast* Cheese puffs!* You have to admit your hands were all over my asparagus a short time ago. Not to mention how you groped my dairy.* What the jalapeno were you thinking?* Sweet maple syrup* You donut hole!* I'd like to thump him in the cantaloupe and take a pairing knife to his grapes* For fries' sake!* Mother-marshmallow fudge!Mo teams up with Ross Grant, a 40-something movie star best known for the character Stephen Dagger in the blockbuster "SpyMatrix" from 10 years ago. Ross hasn't had a big movie hit for awhile, and he's in Savannah, GA to meet with Anderson Nicodemus, a businessman who runs an empire that includes a Christian-themed amusement park. Nicodemus has recently made a name for himself investing in movies, and Ross is trying to get his career back on track by getting funding from Nicodemus. Nicodemus is willing to fund Ross' next movie project, but he insists on a morals clause as part of the contract. Ross doesn't think that will be a problem... until he meets Mo and gets swept into a mystery involving mistaken identity, Russian mobsters, an ex-fiancee who's still planning the wedding, and an obnoxious trashy reporter who wants to dig up the worst dirt to sell on Ross. Ross has been burned by friends and even family in the past, who've sold stories to the rag mags for cash. And with this morals clause... he needs to keep his nose clean.While at times I wondered how long this story could go on, it never got dull or boring - perhaps a bit stretched out in some areas of the story. But the author kept the funnies coming, along with a few twists - even at the end.Thoroughly enjoyed this book!