Broken (A Paranormal Romance)

Broken: A Paranormal Romance - David H. Burton 3.5 starsI suppose this is a bit sexist of me, but I was really surprised that this book is written in 1st person POV, since the author is male and the main character is female. I suppose Kathryn not being a real "girly-girl" helped.That said, this is an intriguing book. It's an easy read, and for the most part, it's well-written. My complaints are that 1) so many twists and turns, but most don't come until the end of the book, and 2) the end feels rushed - hurried. It almost seems to me that the book could benefit from another chapter or two especially after the Winter Faerie Court and Chris & Kathyrn's trip throughout England (I realize their trip isn't the focus, but I needed something MORE to cement these two as lovers/friends - more than they came back from Faery and spent time in England together).Other things that weren't answered:1. What is a Troll in Faery world? Doesn't seem to be what we know of from Grimm's or other fiction.2. What's up with Kathryn's dreams? Is it all real? 'Cuz some things definitely happened... does that mean the stuff with Chris and Jonathan happened? When? How long did it go on? So much between the two of them wasn't explained. If they had a previous relationship (especially of the kind hinted at in the dream), why didn't they trust or like one another so much - simple jealousy over Kathyrn or a bad break-up? Perhaps 'mating' in the Faery world is non-binding - just have fun with whomever whenever without consequences. If it were me and I was Kathryn, I would have been asking those questions of Chris - I'd want answers, mostly because I'd want to know how serious he was about a full-time relationship. Full disclosure, as it were. Kathryn is half-Faery, too, so that means she might have other mating options in Dreamworld or Faery. Regardless, I wanted to know more about Chris.