Kilgannon - Kathleen Givens The Kindle edition is FULL of errors and mistakes... made it really tough to read the book. I put in a complaint to - someone needs to fix this.Overall, I got really tired of Mary's attitudes towards Alex. She doesn't ever exhibit TRUST in him, and he never gives her cause to not trust him. She's constantly worrying and complaining about him and their "relationship" before they're married, and then afterwards, she can't accept him for who he is. When war comes, she throws a temper-tantrum rather than support him. I found her very childish in many ways.Alex, though, needed to learn to communicate more and more freely - which he seemed to learn by the end of the book. He is fiercely loyal to his family, even though his brother Malcolm is a back-stabbing, disloyal, do-anything-to-get-ahead kind of guy. Only in exposing Malcolm did Mary show any real insight.It was an interesting book, but not interesting enough for me to rush into book #2.