Lady of Desire (Knight Miscellany Series #4)

Lady of Desire - Gaelen Foley 3.5-4 starsWhat I like about each of these books is that they are DIFFERENT - UNIQUE to the main characters. They are whimsical and perhaps a bit over-the-top, but they beautifully illustrate the time and bring a dash of adventure to the romance.Jacinda and William "Billy" make a great couple. You don't quite think so at the end of the 3rd book, when Billy Blade (William) and Jacinda first meet. Nor are you sure when she ends up in an alley watching Blade and his gang fight O'Dell's Jackal gang. And it seems almost impossible for Billy to become Lord William, as is his birthright. All a bit impossible... all lovingly written... all swallowed without too much thought by me, the reader. The author just weaves such a sensual, all-encompassing tale that those small "details" don't matter so much; besides, she covers most of the objections quite cleanly.There aren't a lot of surprises in the books, but that's OK - it's not about suspense or mysteries. It's about the unfolding of the characters - what makes them tick. And in this book, we deal with the issue of child abuse and poverty. Can William ever truly believe that he's worth loving? That's the question. And Jacinda must prove more than once that she's emotionally mature enough to love him and show it. She's quite a kick, especially in the scenes with William's father at the end.As for William's family... well, not thrilled with his mother. Wonder if we'll have to endure her in any future books?But Jacinda's family make more than cameo appearances... and the end of the book does bring at least one surprise - the falling out between Lizzie and Alex. A falling out that apparently crosses into the next 2 books.