The Paris Caper

The Paris Caper - Nina Bruhns 3.5 - 4 starsThis book is a joy to read! And yet, there are some uneven spots that take it down a notch. In the middle, there is an event that causes our Heroine to be captured/arrested; while I understand why what happened happened, and why she allowed it to go down the way that it did, it was unsettling. And it felt very uneven... almost as if we'd been taken to the edge of the cliff and dropped, only to find ourselves with the breath knocked out of us and unconscious, but alive, on another dangerous ledge several feet down.Then, the ending seems to happen too fast. Too much too quick. Too much planning and too much guessing as to who knows what and is behaving that way because.... The resolution is just too fast. And then BAM! The End. I needed a few more pages or an epilogue or something before the Hero and Heroine fall into one another's arms.But the genius of this book is a very cat-and-mouse game where the Detective and the Thief are caught in a web of lust and strong attraction. They can't stay away from one another, even though they both know how dangerous it is to be together. And the Detective doesn't even know what's really going on for quite awhile, and yet, his spidey-senses know that all's not right.I have to say that I hate the subplot - the thing that drives our Thief and her band of Orphans. Beck is despicable and sloppy; how he manages to stay one step ahead is beyond me. But it makes for a good villain and it moves the story along.Admittedly, I took a break after reading the first few pages. The book didn't compel me until I got past the aftermath of the first exciting scene. But once I got back into the book, I was hooked.