The Hangman (Chief Inspector Armand Gamache Novella)

The Hangman (Chief Inspector Armand Gamache Novella) - Louise Penny I'd never heard about this story until I was looking up Louise Penny's book list for a friend. Surprise - it's a GOODREADS published Kindle/ebook!While short, this standalone story grips you right away with Gamache and Beauvoir at the scene of a hanging. Lots of the usual misdirections and possible suspects, and a little of the folks that we love in Three Pines.According to the publishing date, this story seems to take place before "Bury Your Dead", which is likely why there's not much mention of Olivier and Gabri. But again, this story is standalone. You don't have to really know or have read any of the other Three Pines or Inspector Gamache mysteries to appreciate it.And I learned some very interesting things, as I always do, from Ms. Penny: the Arthur Ellis mystery awards are named after the psuedonym used by Canada's official hangman, who called himself Arthur Ellis. Mr. Ellis prided himself in doing his work correctly, and his hangings were known to be quick, effective, and efficient - a quick snap of the neck. But in 1935, he miscalculated the weight of the intended hangee, and... well, I'll let Ms. Penny tell you what happened, as she does as part of this short story.