Shee Willow (Legend, #2)

Shee Willow - Claudy Conn In the 2nd Legend book (not the 2nd book - remember all the prequels involved!), I found myself much more enchanted and engaged than in the 1st book, "Spellbound". I commiserated with Willow Lang, aka "Shee Willow".The only thing that threw me about this book is the multiple first-person views: Willow, Princess Ete, Prince Breslyn, and Shayne Bantry. While the author did a good job of breaking the text and immediately establishing who was talking in each "break", I still wondered about the almost over-use of first-person POV.However, IMO, this story is mostly Willow's story. After all, it is entitled "Shee Willow" is it not?Willow is 1/2 human and 1/2 Fae; her mother was human and her father is the Fae Desmond Lang. Willow has many attributes of the Fae, like the ability to shift, but she's not immortal; she's also inherited her mother's Shee Fios abilities, thus Shee Willow. Willow has spent some time in Tir, but it's never been a happy place for her. She was dubbed "faeling" by many and cruelly treated by a Fae love-interest when she was just 16. So Willow has closed herself off from relationships; it's too hard to explain to humans her Fae-ness and Shee abilities, and she doesn't feel accepted in the Fae world. Willow's mother did a huge favor for Queen Aaibhe (Ah-veel) some time back, and so the queen offered the Elixir of Immortality to both Willow and her mother in return. But before her mother had decided whether to take the elixir or not, she was killed in a car accident. Willow was only 10 years old. She moved in with her maternal grandmother to finish school. (Until her father took her to Tir to help her learn about her Fae side, and the cruel boy Valtye rejected her.) Willow sees her father fairly regularly, since he pops in and out of her life. He and her grandmother (also a Shee Fios) don't see eye-to-eye.So Willow finished school, went to college, and now focuses on her career as a restorer of art, specializing in ancient pieces. And then... in walks Squire Shayne Bantry of Bantry Manor, in need of an art restorer for his ancestral art in his home in Ireland. Squire Bantry offers Willow a full-time, live-in position in Ireland. How can she resist? It's like... Fate! (Or did someone else have a hand in their meeting?)The Fae in Willow responds to Ireland immediately. She also senses something dark, mysterious, and dangerous about her new "hot" employer. But upon her arrival, she sees an Unseelie Fae, and it throws her for a loop. She doesn't know about Gaisoich's evil plan, but she does know that she has to stop the Unseelie before it feeds on a human. Stop it, she does.Which doesn't go unnoticed in the Fae world. The queen has a special assignment for Prince Breslyn - to keep an eye on Willow. Breslyn is still getting over losing Maxine to Julian in "Spellbound", so his heart is little tender. Princess Ete is still working with and for the queen, and still pining for Breslyn - especially as Breslyn starts falling for Willow in a big way.The main questions are, what/who is Shayne Bantry and why does the queen need Willow to keep an eye on him? Where does Roland Omren, the gypsy 1/2-cousin to Shayne fit in? Are either or both of them in league with Gaisioch? Both are interested in Fae relics, especially the mask that the queen has asked Willow to help find.This book takes the reader on quite a ride - through romance, danger, romantic quadrangles (tee hee), thrills, the Slaugh Daoine Fae, lots of ugly, disgusting Unseelie, and more. It's a fun ride, not unlike a good rollercoaster: full of twists, turns, ups, and downs... but all comes out as it should in the end.