Free Falling-Legend

Free Falling - Claudy Conn I'll put more thoughts in later, but... glad that Dante finally found his love. Interesting that Breslyn was so concerned about Ete being "young", and yet Dante's not that concerned with his love being so much younger. The "enfant" title is kinda weird, although I understand it's an endearment that came from a slam; accurate, but kinda weird when applied to a love interest. I guess it's like Jamie Fraser calling Claire "Sassenach" and that sticking as his term of love and endearment for her.Anyway... much to like about this book. Interesting how most of the characters from the series are finally weaving together. Liking more info about the Daoine. BUT, this prophecy seems to have come from nowhere - last minute kinda thing. Not liking that. If there was a prophecy in place, we should have at least had a hint of it before now.