Catch & Hold (Legend, #5)

Catch & Hold (Legend, #5) - Claudy Conn 3.5+ starsMy issue with this book, which is the final book in the Legend series, is that SO MUCH HAPPENS ALL AT ONCE! It's chaos, chaos, chaos! And perhaps that's what the author intended, but....I also wish that we'd spent more time with Maxine & Julian and BJ and Daremont. They were only mentioned, briefly, a couple of times. But being that this was the last book in the series, I expected more - some sort of reunion. These two couples are not immortal, so they weren't in the thick of the fighting against the Dark Unseelie, especially those with weapons that can kill even immortals.And the multiple 1st person POV really spun my head around in the mist of all the action and chaos. It wasn't always as easy to figure out who was speaking now... at least not quickly.The prophecy... well, here's another "things that make you go hmmmmm". You see, while we've known about the prophecy since the previous book, we don't really know what the 3 versions of the prophecy are. It seems like the author simply introduces it and mentions it from time-to-time to remind us that Z is supposed to be the "key" to either winning or losing this battle. OK. We get it. And so does she. And everyone else in the book. Except, perhaps, Gaisoich, but he's mad.I do like that the action and the story wraps up. I do like that the author is exploring other characters from this series in what little parts might be considered loose ends.But all in all, I was a bit disappointed that this was the last book. The story was too chaotic... too frenzied. I've often compared this series to KMM's Fever series, except this series simply isn't as solid and as well-written as that series. It's a fun read, but just not quite as satisfying.