Cold Vengeance (Pendergast, #11)

Cold Vengeance (Pendergast, #11) - Douglas Preston,  Lincoln Child 2nd read: October 2012OK, I bumped up my rating by 1 star to 4 stars.I was disenchanted with Preston and Childs and what I saw as their abandonment of Special Agent Pendergast. But as I re-read Fever Dream and this book preparing for the release of the last book in this series, I realized that the authors hadn't completely abandoned him or us. Yes, they're still dragging it all out, almost painfully. Yes, they left us with a monumental cliff-hanger at the end of this book. But overall, it was satisfying.I still think that Constance and Corrie are almost pushed to the background until they're convenient. But I'm glad they were part of this book and the main plot. It seems as if most of our sidekicks and familiar secondary characters take a back seat to Pendergast and his quest for vengeance. He pulls many Sherlockian Holmes disguises and feats, despite being mortally wounded. But that's Pendergast. And it's why we love him so much.1st read: November 17, 2011 - 3 starsI'm a HUGE Agent Pendergast fan - have been since I was first introduced to him in Relic. But... it's tiring to wait so long for a book only to be hurled through the story and then left at the edge of yet another cliff, waiting for the next book which may or may not be in the works while the authors pet their new favorite hero, Gideon.And yes, it's a good idea to re-read Fever Dream before picking up this book, because I was a bit lost when I started reading. I couldn't remember who Judson Esterhazy was or why he'd be hunting in the Scottish Highlands with Pendergast. And it took awhile for the authors to remind us of who he was. I guess they thought we'd remain suspended forever on that previous cliffhanger. *sigh*I adore Pendergast, I do. But he's had more resurrections than Jamie Fraser in the Outlander series! Yes, he's uniquely gifted, which is why he's a favorite. But when did he become immortal?We got a glimpse or two of D'Agosta this time, and IMO, that was because we left him recovering from a near-fatal gunshot wound in the previous book. Not the usual partnership we've come to know and love between Pendergast and D'Agosta. We got barely a glance at his girl, Heyward, who was such a big part of the resolution (if you can call it that) in the previous book, which was too bad; I was hoping to get to know her better.Corrie is back, which is a good thing. Except that her talents seemed wasted in this book. She was a good character for what she was intended to do, but it was so minor... and then to leave her as we did...Yes, we've become enmeshed in yet another potential 3-story+ arc with the repercussions of the the end of Fever Dream, including the Brodies. We even see more of Constance -- not enough, mind you, but other than Pendergast and Esterhazy, Constance is perhaps the most featured character.If I sound dissatisfied, it's because I am. While the elements of this story are satisfying, the book seems cut-off in the middle. It's like cutting Relic off at the monster's second rampage through the museum. Go ahead and save some of the story for the next book; but give us an ending that doesn't leave us suspended in air off the 2nd big roller coaster loop. Allow us to come back into the station, shaking a bit, but anxious for the next ride (the next book). Even the individual books of the trilogy with Pendergast's brother was more satisfying, especially since we had an idea of how many books we expected for the "final" resolution.If the very last page of the book didn't contain a letter from the authors telling us that they're not done with Agent Pendergast yet, but really, they're more involved with their new Gideon series, I probably wouldn't be quite so cranky. And perhaps it's all perception, but it SEEMS as if the gaps between the Pendergast books and the quality and quantity of the writing within said books when they actually do come out is few and far between. And frankly, I've quit purchasing the books and started waiting on the Hold list at my local library (I waited 3 months to read this book) rather than invest.Will I continue to read Pendergast? Most likely, because I am intrigued enough to want to know what happens next. But I won't rush. And that's a shame.