Double Time (Sinners on Tour, #5)

Double Time (Sinners on Tour, #5) - Olivia Cunning 3.5+ starsIf you've been reading this series, this is probably the book you most anticipated - I did. And it didn't disappoint.EXCEPT... so much is in this story, that it felt as if it was compressed. That too much happened in a short amount of time. Consequently, I think some of the richness of the characters and their relationships is lost or glossed over. Case in point, Ethan. He seems like a great guy, but it's hard to tell; we don't really get to *know* Ethan, apart from what Reagan tells us about him and the brief glimpses we get of him - mostly in steamy scenes. And, frankly, that's not enough for me. I feel invested in Trey, so this book getting his story "right" seems important; and I honestly feel as if this story doesn't quite get there. It feels as if the focus is too spread... too thin, trying to make this threesome work and justifying to us why.The relationship between Reagan and Trey is great. The stuff at the beginning and the depth that goes into their "meet and fall" is superb. OK, so there's probably more about Reagan that we could and should know. But there's a depth in what we're given. But the Ethan side... just seems as if he's a convenient third, even though the author tries to show us that he's more than that. And by the end of the book to wrap that up. Except I don't buy it. It's too much, too fast, in too short a time. Reagan and her rock-starness - another thing that's not explored to any depth. Yes, there are the moments of her on-stage and all. But really? They'd throw a new band member up on stage within a month without a super lot of publicity? I don't buy it. And I wanted to know MORE about her "makeover" and how all that went: I didn't have a picture of what they originally tried to make her into, nor a picture of what and how she evolved her stage "look" from there.Then the whole dungeon scene with Aggie and Jace. Seems like that was just a throwaway scene... something put in to try to get us excited about the next book in the series, which is Aggie's and Jace's story.The FIRST BOOK really did it for me. I felt that, given the time frame of the book and all, it was clear who and what Brian and Myrna are. And that's carried through book 2 and book 3. While mostly in the background, this couple still is the glue holding everything together.But in the 2nd book, with Sed and Jessica... well, that just wasn't as good; there were a lot of holes there, too. A lot assumed, simply because of what the author told us in book 1. Except that Sed seemed to have a personality transplant, which was quite unexpected; OK, the author was getting our attention by letting us know that Sed is more than the jerk. But still... again, too much, too soon, in too little time for this relationship. What saved it was the history between the two and the flashbacks.I like this book... I just don't quite love it as much as I want to. There's so much more to explore here; otherwise, the book could easily come off as just trying to get the readers "hot and bothered" and not paying attention to the character or story development - something that originally set this author apart from the authors whose only purpose is to titillate - who never intend to develop anything beyond a "quickie" with the readers.Hoping that Ms. Cunning will give us more depth to this threesome and develop Reagan's and Ethan's characters further, so that we feel good about Trey and his newfound loves.