Through the Door

Through the Door  - Jodi McIsaac 3-3.5 starsThere are a lot of layers in this intricate drama... secrets, lies, half-truths, love, loss, confusion, and a Fae/Druid story that's unlike any other I've ever read.Since I don't want to give away any spoilers, I'll just say:1. Not sure how this series will go forward, exactly, but there are 2 more books planned.2. The main villain is vanquished in this book... by a most unusual means. It's a little sneaky of the author to have the MC figure it out and then do it, but we, the readers, are still uncertain about the means/method. Oh the author did give us clues or breadcrumbs, but...3. Is there a HEA? Unsure at this point. But in this book, you will meet many interesting characters and view the Fae and Druids in a whole new way - apart from KMM's visions of them in both her Highlander and Fever series, which many other authors have built upon.