The Chief (Highland Guard Series #1)

The Chief - Monica McCarty It took me awhile to get into this book... I don't know why. The beginning stuff with Robert the Bruce just seemed... dull. So I admit that I kept putting this book aside. Then, I kept reading how friends were loving this series, so, I tried again.BOY, AM I GLAD THAT I DID! I admit that Tor seemed like a real jerk. But Christina was young and very idealistic. If you keep in mind the time period and what marriage and love were all about then, you realize that Christina's idea of getting to know her husband - of having a partnership and sharing their lives - is very unusual. Yes, as readers, we read historical romances all the time about couples who fall deeply, madly in love and share everything. But that's not the norm.Tor had a lot of reasons why he was who and what he was. Christina does eventually uncover them. But from the start, she realizes that Tor is a man of honor. Christina didn't grow up in a clan with a chief, so it took her awhile to understand that Tor had a lot more to consider with his every decision and action than just himself. If I found anything amiss, it was Tor's "sudden" understanding of Christina and desire to tell her everything. It had been coming in small doses, which seemed right. But Christina, for all her smarts, didn't pick up on nearly as much as he did. HE is the one who did more changing than she did... and to me, that's the romance side of this story.I really do like Tor. He's a worthy warrior. And I like Christina, because she knew to trust him, so without fear, she really did try to please him and to be the kind of wife she thought she should be and that he wanted and needed.I'm not as hooked, yet, on this series as I was on the other 2 3-book Highlander series by this author, but I'm curious. Enough to keep reading.