Never Love a Highlander (McCabe Trilogy #3)

Never Love a Highlander - Maya Banks 4 starsGood way to cap off the series, although, personally, it felt like there could be many more stories in the McCabe clans. I especially wanted to see Gannon happily settled. *sigh* Perhaps another story another time.But who knew that Caelen was so attracted to Rionna in her male Warrior get-up? I never caught that from the other books. Both Caelen and Rionna needed to learn to accept the other for who he or she truly is - not what they wanted the other to be. And in doing so, they found more than any middle ground - they created a synergistic foundation for lifelong love, peace, and prosperity.I really felt for Rionna from the 1st book. But in the last 2 books, we discover why she was so determined to prove herself in the male world. How sad to not trust your own father or mother... And then to see her be completely defeated. Wow!Then her bravery and cunning to trick her enemies and be the one to take out the uber-villain! Reminded me of Éowyn in the Lord of the Rings trilogy: Both sacrificed their own happiness for others' - too insecure of their own worth to expect that they deserved anything better or more, both women seemed to despair. But when the time came, both were more than up to the challenge of protecting those they loved.