Anything He Wants (Dominated by the Billionaire, #1-5)

Anything He Wants (Dominated by the Billionaire, #1-5) - Sara Fawkes 3.5 stars, because this book can't decide what it wants to be when it grows up: another (possibly better) Fifty Shades, a para-military/action-packed book with tough/cool/good looking soldiers, a romance, or a serial with agonizing cliff-hangersThe BDSM label is IMO strictly because the Billionaire is Dominant and the Heroine obviously submissive. There's a bit of light play, but nothing shocking or "forbidden".Our Heroine is an orphan, who lost her parents, her childhood home, and pretty much her world when her parents died 2-3 years ago. She was attending an Ivy League school, blissfully unaware that her parents were paying for her schooling with heavy mortgages on the house. So when they died, she found herself with a mountain of debt and no more money for school. Which means she dropped out her junior (or later) year, got whatever jobs she could find, and tried to save the house - a losing battle. She finally moves to The City (NYC), bunks in with an old friend, and takes a temp position at Hamilton Corp.She's semi-stalking a Guy-in-an-expensive-suit who also works at Hamilton Corp. She has no idea who he is (I guess the anonymity adds to her secret fantasies), but she manages to take the same elevator that he does every morning; except she always gets off the elevator first.One day, she's left on the elevator with only the Fantasy Guy... he's more than aware of her "stalking", he knows what he wants (and her secret elevator fantasy), and he takes it. She stumbles off the elevator afterwards, brimming with excitement and shame. Only to "stumble" into him after work in the parking garage and "stumble into" another encounter.The next day, she's called into the Top Boss's office on the top floor. Of course her Fantasy Man is none other than the Billionaire who runs and owns Hamilton Corp. He tells her that her temp job is up that afternoon, and he offers her a job as his PA - Personal Assistant. When she asks for a list of job duties, he responds with, "Anything I want." She knows what that means. She spends a few useless minutes in her mind, grappling with her needs (money & a job), her wants (him), and her conscience (shame? excitement?); but we know as well as she does that she's going to take the job. Which she does, and then is immediately asked to "assume the position". For which we try to hate the Billionaire for taking advantage of her wants and needs and driving home to her just who really is in charge here.Then he whisks her immediately away to Paris, where she surprises him with her language abilities, and he surprises her in meeting his COO (a lovely married woman), his head of security (her hubby and former Special Services buddy of the Billionaire), the Billionaire's last PA (a cool Russian blonde who mocks her), and his brother Loki/Lucas (who obviously has some really bad blood between him and the Billionaire). She's out of her element, all dressed up at a charity event, and practically abandoned by her "date". But Loki/Lucas manages to cause enough trouble for all of them. So we get the idea that the Billionaire has major family issues (his older brother should have inherited the CEO spot, so why doesn't he have it? and what's with the blood lust between them?), yet he possibly also has developing feelings for her? Or is she just another possession?This is where the book turns on itself and us on our heads: some celebratory champagne delivered to the suite by an anonymous waiter that only she saw turns out to be poisoned, leaving her fending for her life. Suddenly, Mr. Billionaire goes Para-Military trying to find out who did this and who the real target is - him? her? the company? And who's behind it all?Our Heroine finds herself whisked from the Paris hospital back to NY and then to the Billionaire's family home in the Hamptons on Long Island. Where she meets his ditzy, class-oriented mother. And becomes a virtual prisoner. The Billionaire isn't telling her much, and he's barely looking at her or touching her. What happened to "anything he wants?", she wonders. Well, there's some of that mixed in with all this intrigue, Loki/Lucas showing up out of nowhere, a family smackdown, a sniper, a kidnapping, a trade of hostages, and a bomb. Our Billionaire saves the day, of course. But we're still left in limbo with what he wants and will do, and her confusion and melt-downs. If she didn't want to be a sex toy, why is she suddenly so worried? Oh yeah, that's right - she's fallen in love with this distant, sometimes very cold man; or is that just lust, because his Dominant side thrills her?And yet, we're left with a silly cliffhanger that any self-respecting Heroine would know better than to stumble into. Again. When will Heroines of romance learn that throwing down ultimatums is NOT the way to get their man? And running off with who she does after just promising the Billionaire that despite her leaving the Hamptons house that she'll always let him know where she is... Well, she's obviously not thinking with her brain.Problem is, despite this book trying to be-all for-all, there's something about it that draws me in. So yes, despite all the silliness, I will read the next book in this series. Just to give it a fair shot, since I do want to know what the Perils of Pauline (AKA our Heroine) will lead to.