Of One Heart (St. Briac Novel #2)

Of One Heart (St. Briac Novel #2) - Cynthia  Wright 3+ starsI liked this second book, especially since we get to see Aimee and Thomas again, albeit for only a short time. But while this book has it's own unique story, much of it is predictable. Except how they got to the end, which makes it very entertaining, overall.I was a bit over Hero's moaning, groaning, and agonizing about the Heroine, though. He's putting on a charade, pretending to be a painter rather than the nobleman that our Heroine has never seen but has agreed to be betrothed to. And yet he gets angry at her for not loving the painter over her betrothed! For not agreeing to fall into bed with the painter or run away with him... You've got to realize that both Henry VIII and Francoise I are involved in making this match; so our Heroine is doing absolutely the right thing by trying to stay true to her betrothed. And that fact that her betrothed is the one playing the charade... well, it spins my head and makes it hurt. And makes me angry at the man for insisting on having the sun and the moon, because it soothes his vanity. Just because this man is falling in love for the first time, it's all about HIM.Thankfully, we move past that. Except then we have to deal with our Heroine's justified anger at being lied to, and her mistrust of him. That, plus her being around semi-hostile English court members and his family make her ripe for doubting her Hero. Which leads us into further mischief. But this is a romance, and there is a HEA. Fitting and fun, although we really must put aside our reasonable disbelief and just go-with-the-flow of the story, as we did with book 1. And the overall fun, adventure, and romance of the story is consistent through-out, especially as our villains receive their "just rewards".