The Mummy

The Mummy - Anne Rice 3.5 stars, maybe moreI liked this book a lot, so admittedly, the prejudicial rating is my own; I wasn't keen on the story direction or where it ended. I wasn't expecting a HEA - this isn't a full-fledged romance book. But I was surprised and disappointed in our main character, Ramses the Second, aka The Mummy.I don't really want to get into spoilers here, so I'll just say that for as wise as this man is and for the number of years that he's lived, he didn't think too far ahead. I know, I know... his heart overwrote his mind. And yet, after he does what he does, he still ends up choosing our main heroine? Hmmm... so much just didn't quite jive for me here. I also felt teased too much by small details that never quite came to fruition.But it's a good read.