Some Like It Hot (Rising Star Chef #2)

Some Like It Hot (Rising Star Chef #2) - Louisa Edwards 3.5 stars...???These covers are killing me! What chef in his right mind cooks without a shirt? Yes, I know... bare male chests are selling books right now. You can tell simply by perusing book covers these days, and not just full-on romance genre books either.The 2nd book in the series is about Danny and Eva... an unlikely combination. I'm still not sure how these two are going to make it work. Then again, Kane and Claire fascinate me with whether they can work, too.The strangeness of this book is mostly in the timing. So much happens in such a compressed amount of time, and yet, we're told that this phase of the RSC competition is a month-long. Huh? How many chefs can afford to take a whole month off to compete? How many restaurants can give up their chefs for a whole month? And one restaurant is shut down for the entire month for the competition. Hmmm... Seems to me like this whole thing could have happened in a week or 2 at most. Yes, I realize these points are all mentioned as Eva's motivation for what she does to keep the RSC going, but still...But there's plenty of heat! At the beginning, it's between more than just Danny and Eva, but soon, almost everyone else is forgotten, with the exception of Kane and Claire. I realize that authors have to zero in a bit on their main characters and story lines, and I also realize that book 3 will likely take care of the hanging part of this full story arc, but still... What happened to Max and Jules? They're there, but barely. Yes, they're shacked up in their own room, but during the competition, they're supposed to be in it. Yet, we barely see or hear of their existence during the competition. Towards the end, Jules seems to remember that she's Danny's friend again.And when did DANNY become the leader of the group? I thought that was Jules or Max... or Jules and Max? Yes, Danny has a lot of the "responsibility" for the team on his back, always had; but he always ceded that to Jules. Suddenly, Danny's the guy who takes care of everyone and everything. In the 1st book, that seemed to be Jules; or was it Danny and Jules? See? I'm lost.Not that Danny acts out of character. The focus is so sharpy on Danny and Eva, that the nuances of the whole Lunden Team just seems lost. And that's a bit sad to me. The book could be richer for the time that the team spends together being more like THEIR TEAM and less like the Danny-show.When Danny burns his hands, it seems like the incident is just a convenient way to get Danny and Eva together. There is hardly any kick-back from Danny's team (OK a small explosion the next morning) or affect on Danny and his part in the competition after the incident. Again, what seems like it could have been a "good thing" is swept under the rug to hurry us into a very fast intimacy between these two, who've been hot for one another since the initial plane ride.Hoping for more in book 3. But the series is enjoyable, and I like the mixing of the chef/cooking/judging/competition/recipe stuff with the romance.