Bet On Love

Bet On Love - Barbara Witek Cute, funny, predictable... at times, I wanted to pull my hair out with all the vacillating the H/H did. I suppose this is what we're like in real life: always afraid to venture our hearts and tell the other how we really feel, because we aren't sure of the other person.Shelby Greene is in Vegas to attend a friend's wedding. She's staying in a suite at the Venetian that her ex-boyfriend and all-around-scum, Grant, has access to when he's in Vegas, gambling away Shelby's hard-earned money. At the wedding, she runs into Cole Martin, the one-who-got-away over 15 years ago. Last she knew, he was married.... After a bit of conversation, Cole is calling Shelby by her nickname, GT (after the famous Shelby muscle car), and the flirting gets turned up a bit. She learns that Cole's divorced and has a 13-year old daughter that he adores. He's still living in Maryland.The attraction is undeniable, but Shelby denies it anyway, preferring instead to try to drown it by consuming way too many JD and cokes. She wakes up the next morning... in bed... with Cole Martin. And discovers a marriage certificate. THEY'RE MARRIED!!!OK, here's where there's a bit of a stretch: The witnesses are the couple that Cole & Shelby were guests at their wedding the day before. But, I live in Vegas. And I know that wedding chapels here get in BIG TROUBLE if they marry people a) who are drunk and b) without marriage licenses that can only be obtained downtown. So, while the "quickie Vegas wedding" seems like a done deal with a bit of booze and a quick trip to a wedding chapel, it's not really so.But this is a romance story, so we're going to try to ignore all of that...The issue is how to get a quickie annulment. Or is that what they want?Cole convinces Shelby to come to Maryland with him. One of the high school friends is now a judge, and Cole knows that they can use him for their annulment without a lot of questions. Except that the minute they get to his house, they're bombarded by his family, including his daughter Abbey - all come to celebrate Cole's new bride.The usual misunderstandings and miscommunications happen. Neither Cole nor Shelby can seem to tell the other how they really feel. Cole tries the non-verbal method, but Shelby's convinced it's all just chemistry and attraction. Still, she goes along with whatever Cole suggests, including a family camping trip. HUH?We all know the two of them are going to get together in the end, so just keep reading all the cute and kissy.